Over the past several months, there have been a slew of articles that I've been reading. Some I've posted on my facebook page and others I've just shared with my boyfriend. I wanted to share some of the following articles with you so you can continue to learn about our foods along with me


I'm glad I stopped eating Kashi back in September. I had also stopped eating Cascadian Farms. Goes to show just how much the food industry is in charge and not us.


The yellow goo at the top is margarine.
The yellow goo at the left is "reduced fat margarine"
The stuff with the ants all over it is butter.

If the ants don't want to eat it, why should we??? DISGUSTING!!!

3. Are the foods we are eating killing us? - This article discusses just how much has changed in the foods, the hidden ingredients and the addictions

4. Does eating organic food turn you into a jerk? - This article was recently posted on my news feed today. It discusses how some people ask multiple questions while out to eat. While yes I understand there are a lot of allergies and what not out there so you do need to be careful with what you consume. However if you are going out and looking for specifically local and organic, do your research before you go. It's not that difficult.

5. Why Americans aren't eating their vegetables - I just posted this on my facebook the other day. Number 3 rang true for me. While normally I go to Whole Foods, my local farm or my CSA, once in awhile I'll run into King Kullen or Stop and Shop. The choices of fruits and vegetables are minimal. They also have little in stock as well.

6. are you eating glued meat? - EW! It's amazing what restaurants and vendors will do to cut costs.

7. Supermarkets and Pink Slime! - While I'm on the subject of meat, EW!!! The good news is after this happened, some restaurants promised to take it out. The bad news was the government allowed the school to buy the pink slime at a reduced price for school! Personal meat grinder anyone?

8. Why its important to watch what you eat when you are pregnant - I knew this but its insane how many studies are coming out proving this. Note to family: When I become pregnant, I will become a crazy fanatic about what I eat!

9. Sugar Sugar Sugar Sugar is everywhere. It's crazy where its hidden and the different names it has!

10. Toxins Sugar should be labeled as a toxin and a drug. So many people consume so much of it, its not even funny.

11. Food dye and health concerns - As if mothers do not have enough to worry about. Studies showing that food dye (which is artificial) is linked to health concerns now.

If none of these articles gross you out or make you think twice, I don't know what will. Thanks for reading some of the information that I've put together for you.


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