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Health Complications.

Whoops, I apologize to everyone for the month and half gap in postings. Things have been a little crazy over here in my corner of the world. I got a physical which I will discuss below the results and I sprained my ankle pretty badly. I was on crutches and I still technically should be. It hurts after walking around or if I move around too much. :( So my mobility is a bit limited at this point.

So I finally got a physical which was completed with blood work. Everything came back beautiful. My cholesterol and blood pressure were wonderful. The only thing that was low was my vitamin D. I didn't realize until I researched side effects of low vitamin D, just how important it is. Here are some side effects:

1. achy muscles/bone pain

2. fatigue

3. low immune system

4. depression

5. poor cognitive memory

6. increased weight gain (it regulates a hormone that controls how you gain fat)

7. at risk for …