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Blogging and Life

Life takes us up and down and all around the bend. As you can see, I'm not that consistent of a blogger.  I also haven't blogged since 2013 and boy has life given me lessons. 2014 was a stressful year with my job and trying to recover with my injuries I had in the accident in 2013.  I got another cochlear implant in 2015. I had some kidney problems that same year. I lost my job due to bankruptcy and discrimination that year as well. I moved home in 2015.  I had a nervous breakdown as well. Multiple people passed away.  I was around some pretty toxic people. 2016 wasn't exactly thrilling as I tried to get ahold of my mental health as well as my finances. I've had to work on some pretty heavy demons throughout that time. I've gained about 80lbs totally on and off since then.  My weight fluctuates unbelievably despite trying to heal my emotional eating as much as possible.  I was in a car accident in March 2017. It was pretty bad.  Broke one arm badly, fr…