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              SO, I haven't blogged in many months.  Some of you may know already but I will share what's been going on.  I was in a very bad car accident in May.  I didn't really quite realize how bad it was until recently.  I'm still very banged up and am still at my mom's.  It's been over four months.  I'm still in pain.  I'm definitely better then I was before but nowhere where what I was before the accident.  It's not where I expected to be by now.  I basically spent the past four months taking off from life.  I have been going to physical therapy, chiropractors, doctors and so forth.  It's been frustrating.  I just want to run again.  I just want the pain to be gone.  I spend every day and night in pain.  It's unbelievably frustrating.  It's depressing. 
             I've gotten back into cooking.  I've started to implement the good habits again.  I've started to plan my meals out again.  I've noticed a difference when I'm not taking care of myself.  I've noticed that I truly need to be gluten free among avoiding specific foods such as coffee and chocolate.  These have the same reactions in the body as gluten does for the body.  So if someone is gluten intolerant, these foods are also best to avoid as well.  This blog is going to go in a different direction for awhile.  It won't just be about food.  It will be about healing the body.   You as my reader will help me along my journey of reaching my optimal health.  
    I will be posting book reviews, nutrition information, recipes, workout information and my own personal journey.   I ask you to be patient with me. /My new computer has difficulty uploading pictures and isn't compatible with my camera! That makes me sad! So while  figure that out and redo the layout,  I also ask you to tell me what you want to read! Feedback is GREAT! It will allow me to help gear this blog towards my readers.   

Upcoming posts will include
Roasted Chicken with Roasted Apples and Garlic
Review of local gluten free Bakery
Review of cookbooks
Review of makeup (super excited about this one as I've revamped ALL of my beauty products to chemical and toxic free!) 
Nutrition Information
Alternative Health
Pumpkin Spice Granola
Blogs I follow

      So welcome back.  Come along for the ride. Join me on my recovery to wellness and health.  


  1. I hope everything is looking up!!! I am sure this has been a very challenging experience. Sending Hugs your way!


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