What to eat after working out?

I had worked out with Katie yesterday. (my friend whose a personal trainer! I'll be mentioning her consistently throughout my blog as well as mentioning her blog!)

Generally when I meet with Katie, we do an hour. (I had mentioned in the introduction that I meet with her twice a week now. Yay to being consistent as that typically is my problem when it comes to hitting up the gym.) She has me doing circuit training which includes free weights, sandbags, kettle balls among other things. I find myself quite sore after. I take a hot bath and stretch often to relieve my muscles. That said, I know protein is often important to help repair and heal the muscles.

I'm often at a lost for what to eat since I don't eat processed foods and rarely anything that I don't make from scratch. Generally I will have a banana or make myself my lunch. Lunch ranges from a salad filled with veggies, left overs from the night before or a soup and fruit. This brings up menu planning which can be difficult for me and is saved for another post. :)

That being said, for you foodies out there, what do you typically eat after a hard work out?

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