Clean Eating Obstacles

I'll be honest. The past couple of months I haven't exactly been 100% clean eating. I've ran into some obstacles. I identified them and I plan to deal with it after the holidays. I figured it would be too much stress to try to change my behavior during the holidays. I had missed some things and other times, well, it was just plain difficult. Mind you, I am still a "new foodie" if you want to call me that. :) I only started in September. A lot of changes I was able to keep. I even had a all "clean eating brunch" for Christmas Eve with the exception of one ingredient. (Go me)

Obstacles/Things I missed

1. Preparation time - Being busy on the weekends left me no time to cook. We would get hungry for dinner and have no time to make something. Often, we got a pizza or had sushi. I wasn't thrilled with this and I plan on correcting this issue in the future.

2. Flavored Coffee- Honestly, pumpkin spice coffee only comes out at a certain time. I am new to clean eating and couldn't find a good recipe to substitute for Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts Coffee. Ashamed, yes. Mission for the future. yes. :)

Things I was able to maintain

1. Ingredients - However, the times I did cook and prep my food, I did use all organic and clean food. There were no preservatives or additives in my food.

2. Local fruits/vegetables - I did buy only seasonal and local fruits and vegetables. Supported my local farmers!

Honestly, these were the biggest things that I really can remember. Since Friday is my day off, I'm going to make that my prep day. I used to do Sunday as a prep day before I started dating my boyfriend. Alas, we are always busy. (which is a good thing for us but not so much for our eating habits) I plan to use this day to prep and research recipes. :) New year gets me back in the grind. However, I plan to be an old pro at this by next holiday season. I don't want to resort back to my old ways of eating. There truly is a difference in how I feel while eating processed foods. My headaches came back and I feel bloated! I can't wait for the holidays to be over just for the pure eating habits.

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