CSA pick up!

For those of you who know what CSA is, we started our first pick up last week!!! A CSA means community supported agriculture. A CSA is where you pay before hand for a part of the farm's produce. The main factor in deciding what you get each week is how much crop was harvested that week. This means you get fresh produce that is in season. I chose fruit, vegetable and egg share from the Garden of Eve farm in Riverhead. The reason we chose this farm is due to the drop offs. The drop off closest to us is in Bayport which is right down the road from my mom. This farm also allowed for variety which I liked. You can go to www.localharvest.org to find the closest farm to you. I also did a little research on my own. Not all farms are found on this website. It just makes it easier for most. After deciding back in March, I paid for CSA pick ups biweekly from June to November. I pick up fresh produce every other Wednesday between 3 and 7pm. You get what's in season, what's plentiful and freshly picked from the garden. Needless to say, we got tons of greens. I took pictures to show everyone. :) 

all the fresh produce!

View two


Radishes and Lettuce

Eggs straight from the chickens!


Bok Choy

Snap Peas

Mustard Greens

Baby Lettuce


Garlic Scapes




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