Trying new food

Since cleaning up my diet, I make an attempt to try new recipes, new food, etc. I also have discovered that since my taste buds have drastically changed, foods that I might not have liked previously, I like now.  I absolutely encourage everyone to try new recipes/food at least once a week. I love trying new fruits and vegetables. It is so much fun!

To date I have tried:

Butternut Squash
Couscous - I make plain and then flavor it with my own batch of seasoning
Almond Flour
Almond Milk

*I currently can't remember any others but as I try new things, it will pop up on the blog as I go.

Guava! it's a bit tart. I sliced in in half. I scooped out the seeds which its soft and fleshy in the middle. Then I just bit off the rest which is a bit hard. It is definitely yummy!

I currently have a papaya and two coconuts ready to be cut and eaten! I can't wait. What new things have you tried lately?

"And then he tells me, "You know, kid, never give up. Find a way,
because that's what winners do."


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