This post took some time to put together.  I really needed to do my research before presenting my information to my readers.  Some of you may not know, recently I suffered a two week migraine (cluster) headache!  I was dizzy, throwing up and in extreme pain. I've been back and forth to the doctor several times. At one point, I actually had an allergic reaction to the migraine medication. I finally ended up at the hospital where they gave me some heavy duty pain medication to break the pain cycle.Ahh pain relief. The doctor said that if the pain cycle never breaks, it gets worse.  Um ok, I've never heard of a two week migraine, have you?  My question was and is how did I get it and how can I avoid it? 
     I did some research.  I decided on multiple things. I made an appointment with the neurologist.  I also made an appointment with a holistic doctor as well.  It can't hurt.  I do want to know my vitamin levels, toxin levels and so forth.  Since I'm not about putting chemicals in my body I would like to to try the holistic medicine.  The appointment I made will check my vitamin levels and so forth.  Holistic medicine is about healing the core of the symptoms.  It focuses on the mind and body. It doesn't just medicate the symptoms.  I will let you know how that pans out within the next few weeks. I am also debating a chiropractor and acupuncture. I am considering chiropractor because I would like to get a back and neck adjustment.  It definitely feels like my neck and back are not aligned.  Acupuncture, because I have heard many wonderful things about it.  It draws out the toxins in the body and helps heal many aliments.  I just have to get over my fear of needles!   What are your thoughts on this?
     In the meantime I will be eating 100% clean diet. I will be participating in yoga and an exercise regime on a daily basis. i am also going to juice for a few days to help detox the body.  I will be taking supplements.  The supplements i will be taking will be a multivitamin, magnesium, and caltrate D.  These are things I can do on my own until i get to a doctor. 
     My research has shown that migraines and cluster headaches occur for many different reasons.  You will see below, a list of things I am doing and the reason I am doing it. 

Neurologist: They will do scans and testing to see where the headaches are coming from.  They will also most likely give me a pain management medication to deal with the pain until we figure out the cause of the headaches
Holistic Doctor: They will look at blood work, vitamin levels and so forth.  Sometimes it is our diet that is causing our physical symptoms. Sometimes it may be toxins around us or it just may be our lifestyle. This appointment will check all of that out for me.
Chiropractor: Sometimes when the bones are not aligned properly, it can cause pain.  It can also pinch some nerves.  This all can cause headaches! This is one of the main reasons I am considering a chiropractor as well.
Acupuncture: I've read several different sources that indicate acupuncture helps draw out toxins in the body.  It places the needles in several different pressure points to help with pain management.  People have been reported to use acupuncture and walk out feeling much better. 
Yoga: It has been reported that cluster headaches are sometimes a result of stress.  Yoga will allow me to stretch daily and help reduce my stress level.
Juicing: I have been doing a lot of research into juicing.  Juicing for three days will allow me to cleanse my body the healthy way.  It will allow the toxins to leave my body.  Even if it wasn't for headaches, I was planning on doing this anyway.  Do you realize how many chemicals we consume on a regular basis? That's even if you have a clean diet! My goal is to reduce the amount of toxins in my body.  This is another way to help manage my headaches.
Clean Diet: I usually follow this anyway.  I do once in awhile will have something that I know has chemicals in it.  For awhile, I'm going to try to avoid as much processed food, chemicals and preservatives as I can. This will help with my headaches as well.
Multivitamin: Everyone should be taking this anyway in my opinion. It allows for any additional vitamins into your system that you might not be getting in your daily diet.
Magnesium: This supplement is supposed to help with muscle and nerve function.  I have heard a lot about magnesium deficiency being correlated with migraines.  At this point, it can't hurt.
Caltrate D: Awhile ago I had gotten a physical and had a vitamin D deficiency.  I had a post about that as well. I am supposed to be taking this supplement to increase my vitamin D.  Once again, it can't hurt.

This is what has been going on.  If anyone has suggestions or tips, please let me know.  I have my appointments in the next two weeks.  Hopefully I will have some more answers for myself and for you.  Regular posts will resume next week.  I have several recipes to post such as carrot souffle, quiche, and so on!


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